Buying the Right Chain Necklace


A necklace is amongst the top most important part people’s jewelry collection. A good chain necklace will not only enhance your looks but also help you boost your confidence. Whether you are fashion enthusiast or an individual that love chains, here is the right material that will guide you whenever you want to buy a new piece of the chain necklace. You do not just walk into a store then randomly choose a necklace. There are several factors to bear in mind before making an order. One of the most critical factors is the length of your new jewelry. Some people make huge mistakes then later start regretting because they went on investing in a necklace without knowing what to look for. Apart from the length, you should consider several other things. Keep reading this article so that you can make a worthy investment in future. You can also check out the collection of nina gilin to have a glimpse of some of the best necklaces.


Length & Thickness

As aforementioned, length should be your first consideration. Imagine wearing a chain necklace that is either small or too large for your neck. A short necklace will make you uncomfortable because you will feel the choke from time to time. On the other hand, a long chain will add no impact to your looks. Therefore, it is very significant for you to know the size of your neck before making an order from your favorite site. Also, the thickness of your chain helps to determine its sturdiness and durability. You do not want to but a necklace and after one or two weeks, it no longer in use due to breakdowns. Make sure you choose a chain that is thick and sturdy. A lighter necklace is prone to twists and bends. Also, those who have long hair are advised to get thicker necklaces.



From statistics, most people prefer to get a necklace with a pendant over those that do not have one. A pendant in your necklace enhances its beauty. If you love a pendant in the necklace, make sure your pendant fits the chain properly. Always ensure that the chain is neither extremely thin nor too thick as well. Check the structure of the piece of that chain. Ensure it is sturdy enough to support the mass of the pendant. Always choose a pendant based on your preference and your personality. Some brands can customize the pendant, so if you are in a position to request that, do so at your convenience.


The clasp factor should be in the back of your mind whenever you want to make that order. Some necklaces in the market come with a small clasp which is used to operate with a spring. Although these models are pocket-friendly and easy to operate, their clasps may not be durable enough to serve you for a more extended period. They often break off if handled with a little more force. This is the reason why it is vital for you to select lobster clasps because they are more durable and easy to use.


Always define your options on the type of links you would want to have. Most chain links break or twist easily. Therefore, consider chain links that can resist twisting and kinking. Some of the recommended links include; Figaro, rope, anchor, and mariner links among others.