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"Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, however, got the biggest response, not only for his music, but for his wonderful stage presence and colorful commentary. Paxton is an old soul, and his delight in being part of this night was both palpable and greatly appreciated; The young artist is a true hope for the future of the blues (just remember you heard about him here first, in Elmore Magazine!)."

..Review of the Lead Belly Festival, Carnegie Hall, New York City, Feb 4 2016


"He masters multiple blues styles and feels right at home in the Piedmont tradition with its ragtime influence. Country blues fans will pick up on Blind Boy Fuller, Gary Davis, but also on the swampy blues of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta. On the piano he can remind you of Fats Waller."

.. Oregon Food Bank’s Waterfront Blues Festival


At Merlefest ..." Blind Boy Paxton held court with a brief solo show to close down the Traditional Tent. The Queens multi-instrumentalist showcased his abilities on the fiddle, finger-picking guitar and clacking together the hand bones... as engaging as any full band." Indy Week Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill NC...Dan Schram


"Excellent!!! Concert

Jerron made an incredible impression with the director of the theatre and she would like to get him back for another event.

Hope it works out, he was truly amazing as always! Thank you for working with me."

...Jackie Merritt Hampton Virginia Acoustic Blues Revival





"Blind Boy Paxton was phenomenal.  The crowd loved him and he did several encores.  He did an impromptu jam with our MC, Joe Craven, both playing the fiddle & jawbone. All considered, I would give his performance a 10.

...Fred Friedman, Live Oak Festival, Santa Barbara, CA 6/14/14


"His set was transcendental - he got a HUGE response. The workshop that he did was even better received. - I have never seen people so amped up about a solo performance before."

...Live Oak Festival Santa Barbara, CA 6/14/14


"Thank you sincerely for arranging our visit with Jerron last night.  He is such a big spirit, and gave us 110% (including serenading the audience on piano as they took their seats, and doing a phenomenal set to a long standing ovation) though he was at the end of a long routing from North Carolina."

...Scott Sheldon The Sanctuary Concerts Chatham, NJ


"It was wonderful.  And, of course, by "show" I mean the moment Jerron arrived until the moment he departed.  He's a one-man party, and he made everyone have a better day.  We were well pleased in every way.  Thanks so much for your help in arranging his visit. Thanks"

...Tom Reid  Associate Director Oberlin College Student Union

"Bllind Boy Paxton, the world's greatest kosher blues singer!"

...Wall Street Journal April 18, 2014


"Now, as if the musical excellence that Larry Campbell and Rev. Jones brought to the Ranch were not enough… Jerron Paxton just knocked our socks off. Jerron Paxton’s show was something I can hardly wait to see again… There is nothing like being witness to living artistic tradition."

...Jorma Kaukonen Oct 15 2014


"Thanks for working with us to book Blind Boy Paxton at the 34th annual Calgary Folk Music Festival. He fit really well and made himself heard, seen and known (in the best kind of way) around the site and in performance. He was a key collaborator on sessions and his old-school preaching on the gospel stage was out of this world."

...Kerry Clarke Calgary Folk Festival


"When they introduced him at the Sunday morning gospel workshop (called "Leap of Faith") There was such a huge cheer from the crowd that it gave me goosebumps."

...Tara Sukut Calgary Folk Festival Media Relations.


"Jerron was fantastic."

...Burr Beard Footmad Arts Series Charleston WV


"I saw him numerous times over the weekend and he was a joy. Everyone fell in love with him and his music! Thank You."

... Doug Cox Executive Producer of Vancouver Island MusicFest

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